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Simply Thumpty Thump and Little Pullip

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011


Simply Thumpty Thump Neo Blythe is almost here!

Unfortunately we will only have a couple to list now due to pre-order demand.



We also have a few more little Pullip’s arriving. My favourite is Rovan the pirate.


Japanese Candy

Thursday, June 9th, 2011


We love candy at Chicki and this week we have been sampling more Japanese candy.

First of all we tried the Whistling squirrel bubble gum. We loved the packaging looks just great! The sweet itself looks like a giant polo that is slightly yellow in colour. It was hard to make them whistle as you had to blow through the hole whilst holding it in your mouth. We couldn’t get much noise out of them and spent most of the time trying not to choke or dribble.

When we got down to chewing the flavour ran out extremely quickly and it turned out to be chewing gum. However it was still a fun experience.

Next we sampled the grape flavour candy stick. Again the packaging was great. Loved the giant robot with the laser eyes. The candy stick was perfectly chewy and had a sherbet surprise in the middle. So if you are a fan of chewy candy then this is one for you.

Last of all we tried the little pot of candy. We thought it looked like some kind of joke sweets because of the picture on the front. These little sweets were met with a mixed reaction. Personally I thought they smelt like scented erasers and did not have much flavour. Everyone else thought they tasted like bubble gum and they were greatly received.

All of the candy was purchased at our local Cyber Candy store. So if you love sweets we highly recommend them as they have a super large range of candy from around the world.

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