Hello Kitty vs Ultraman


Bandai make some great items and these are one of the best gashapon items we have seen. Hello Kitty in Ultraman suits.
Ultraman was one of the first ultra-beings to appear on Japanese TV back in the 1960′S.A major pop culture phenomenon in Japan, the show has spawned dozens of imitators as well as numerous sequels and remakes, which continue to be popular today.
Thes items are very rare to the UK as they are made for Japanese gashapon machines and considered collectors pieces.

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4 Responses to “Hello Kitty vs Ultraman”

  1. 1

    OH MY GOD.
    They’re ADORABLE!
    I’ve never heard of Ultraman before, but i’m liking them ;D
    i love japanese stuff (anything japanese is always cool beans) =]
    i need one ;)
    Lovee Meeeraaa <3 xxxXxxxXxx =]

  2. 2

    Awww. I love them they’re so cool *O*
    I especially love the yellow one at the top! But they’re all cute :D <33.

  3. 3

    mega cute!!!!!!!!!! my fave is the crab one the teddy one and the space suit one

  4. 4

    ehmahghash ! like super cute ! i Need to buy those. here in hawaii hello kitty is rockin’ it !
    hey chicki wanna send me some for free ? >.<

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