Dodo Ear Hat Scarves

027-5027-1Her is a quick look at another new item coming soon – Dodo style ear hat scarves. They are made from cosy fleece and have 2 large buttons on the top that look like eyes. We have black coming very soon. They will retail at £14.95.

8 Responses to “Dodo Ear Hat Scarves”

  1. 1

    So you have the ear hat scarf thingies on the website… it shows four colours.. how can you choose what colours you want to buy?!

    Or is only black available?

  2. 2

    We only have black available

  3. Oh my god these are amaaaaazing!

  4. 4

    will u be getting anymore colours in ?

  5. 5

    We don’t plan to get any other colours now as it’s getting warmer.

  6. 6

    I love these!!! Kawaiiii !! How can I get some ???

  7. 7

    scoose me were can i get those dodo hat scarves :]

  8. 8

    Hi! do you still sell those kind of hats? i would like to buy one :D

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