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Dudebox Giant Figure

Monday, July 23rd, 2012


Aww I want a giant vinyl toy like Pete Fowler,s  giant duebox fiberglass figure. This piece was for a Berlin show by Selim Varol. Nice!

Stuffed Plush Rockstar

Saturday, July 21st, 2012


Check this amazing little rock star plush from Saint Angel. I love him and he comes complete with a plush mom tattoo and microphone.

Moustache Octopus Plush

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012


Have you ever seen such a cute octopus? This little guy caught our eye and we think he is awesome. Made by Cheek and Stitch.

All Hail The Felt Mistress!

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


Get a load of these amazing felt creations by the Felt Mistress. We are loving her awesome style and would love to live in a world full of characters like these.

Head on over to her blog to check out more of her work  -

Unfortunately you cannot purchase any of her plush but if you go over to her store – you will be able to pick up a set of 4 Felt Mistress glossy postcards featuring Sgt Felty’s, Herzog, Brunhilde and Little Geoff and the Bea(s)tniks.

Go get some and post them to your friends .

Tummie Friends

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010



We are super excited to announce that the Tummie Friends are coming to Chicki! Tummie friends are a collection of yummy food plush created by Dutch illustration duo LouLou & Tummie.

Somewhere between ‘Chocovalley’ and ‘Bittercity’ lies a beautiful little mountain called Sugarhill.
This is the only place in the world where all kinds of sweets grow from plants, trees and bushes. It is possible you never heard of Sugarhill before or even of Chocovalley or Bittercity. Not a single person has ever been there…

The Sugarhill ‘like the name says,’ is a hill made of sugar and filled with joy. In the sky you will see the twinkling of colored stars and the cotton candy clouds slowly drifting by. The hill is grown with trees filled with candy blossom, bushes stuffed with sweets and you’ll see paths strewn with sprinkles.


This is the place where you can find Candy Sandie and all her friends growing, baking and harvesting sweetness while running into all kinds of adventures.


If you would like to find out more about SugarHill and the surrounding areas go check out their website –




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